Standing Back Flip

Standing Back Flip

A standing back flip is the most popular and the easiest acrobat skill.
If you are a beginner, you should start with this.

Here is Tutorial of Standing Back Flip.
Here is Ways to Practice for standing back flips.
Videos are below.


Tip 1 : Slightly arch your back and jump

Tip 2 : Swing your arms upward

Tip 3 : Tuck as soon as possible after takeoff

Tip 4 : Tuck fast without thinking ( bringing chest to knees is the same as knees to chest )

Tip 5 : Put strength to your whole body while rotating



  • The basic one

By seeing this, you can get the basic form of a standing back flip.


  • Another one(you should see 3:57~4:00 and this video is set)

This kind of back flips(waiting for tucking with the unique form in the air) is called “Jesus Flip”.
And this one has ideals of swinging arms, arched chest, extending out knees, etc.


  • Standing Double Back Flip

After hard training, you might be able to do such kind of skill.