Standing Front Flip

Standing Front Flip

There are 2 types of standing front flips.
Those are Tips for each type.
Combined with Standing Back Flip, you can know how we rotate in the air.


These are 2 types of standing front flip.

Difficulty Developments
Type 1 Difficult in general Front flip from run-up
Type 2 Relatively Easy Front flip from other flips



Tip 1(common) : Make your lower body straightened and vertical to the ground

Tip 2(common) : Swing your arms and upper body

Tip 3(type 1) : Keep your torso straight and stick your hips out



Type 1 : Hip joint ground reaction force type

The character of this type is that both of knees and hips have been extended from flexion while takeoff.
Tutorial of type 1


  • Standing front tuck



  • Standing front tuck with full twist (about 30s~)

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Type 2 : Knee joints frictional force type

On the other hand, knees are being extended alike type 1 but hips is being closed in this type.
Tutorial of type 2