General Tips & Stories

Here are some general tips and interesting stories about  flips.

General tips

1.How to stick your landing

2.We are always rotating with an axis of waist in the air

3.Appropriate your face direction

4.How to make your form more efficient for rotation (including improving tuck)

5.Keep your torso and shins parallel when jump

6.How to fix your bad habit (move to a particular side etc. )

7.Appropriate swing direction of your body(arms, upper or lower body)

8.How to extend out your knee joints when taking off




Short stories

1.Back flips are easier than front flips for us

2.The springs which doesn’t fall
(related to Tip 4 : Tuck fast without thinking(bringing chest to knees is the same as knees to chest ))

3.Apparent axis shifts as time goes
(related to general tip 2.We are always rotating with an axis of waist)

4.Swinging your arms upward, your weight becomes heavier