About This Site

What you can see

In this site, we have the slogan of “from your first flip to quad twist” and you can see


・Further Tips

・Principles and Theories

・Related actual videos

of flips and some other acrobat skills.

・Private advice for you(by AI Advisor), also you can see.

This site differs from other sites in respect of referencing to principles of flips.


Tips  in this site

By the way, there are 2 types of tips.

One is bottom-up tips and the other, top-down tips.
Bottom-up tip means a tip which you believe is right because of principles, like arms contribute to rotation in this way so I should do that!
Top-down tip means a tip which you believe is right because people do that in good flips, like he do that! So, I should do that!
These two have both of strong point and week point.

At the worst case, you can end up conceiving a top-down tip which has nothing to do with flips.
For example, the person who does a good flip has a beard, you may think I should have a beard! (I believe that a beard have something to do with flips.)
You scarcely conceive that kind of tip if you think in the bottom-up way, because you start thinking from principles.
However, bottom-up tips have week point too.
Our complicated and individually different bodies need to be simplified in order to be modeled and simulated.
In the way of top-down thinking, you can see tips which must be overlooked through that modelling.

In this site, you can see the tips which is build up in the way of bottom-up and coincide with the real actions of good flips.
So, we have theories and actual videos for each explaination.


You can get further Tips and the Theories about those grounding on physics with [Practice] and [Theory].

[Theory]sections don’t require knowledge of physics so much, but If you don’t have enough, About Physics would help you.

Tips is a concrete actions by which you can and should improve your flips.
Not Tips is just only  images or a movement you cannot do. (ex. rotation with the axis of chest)


And you will…

Also you can avoid confusing of the action you should do and the image you should have to do the action.
The typical confusing is “fix your chest and bring knee to chest, not chest to knee”.
Knowing the action you really need to do and improve your flips!